Quilt top by Pearl Parker gifted to Jack Kreie

finished by Genevieve Sullivan

Unusual. Gathered rather than flat. Poinsettias with six dark green leaves, six red petals, and round yellow center, on flour sack muslin field. Extraordinary for a depression era quilter. Purchased fabric. Her granddaughter, who lived next door, believed the fabric was remains from a high school chorus uniforms.

Great Grandmother Pearl taught me to thread a needle. At four years old, I would thread needles while she hand pieced. Her “coke bottle” eyeglasses enlarged her eyes when she smiled. She gave away tops, as many as a hundred, when she passed from us. A few years later, her youngest daughter still had a set of blocks. 

Posthumous collaboration with Deborah Kreie Camacho

Outlaw Quilting

Great Grandma Pearl's Poinsettia